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Youth Mentoring and Training Programs

"The Aunts and Uncles Mentoring Program": This program was structured to provide activities and instruction over the summer months for Jr. and Sr. High School students. Our first effort was developed as a means for our mental health and education professionals to address concerns about the lack of substantive programs for young people and as a means for giving back to the community. The program directly approached the need for meaningful instruction through mentoring and to foster a positive adult to youth interface. We successfully crafted a vehicle where students were stimulated to learn, write, create and exhibit their talents at the end of each 6 week educational session. This investment in the youth of the community was made possible through the dedicated work of our volunteers, funding from grants and monetary donations from individuals who valued our efforts.


"The Youth Enrichment Support Services (YESS) Program": The YESS Program was also created by Life Studies Institute as a project to combat and prevent alcohol and substance abuse in young people (In Washington, D.C.). The program was developed at the request of the Comprehensive Center for Renewal, a private, outpatient, nonprofit organization. Life Studies Institute designed the program and provided continuous consultation, training and evaluation for the program. Funding secured through Federal (SAMHSA) funds and donated dollars. This successful program served youth in the community for 4 years and was the foundation piece for the Center's larger plan to provide a full range of mental health and social services to families and youth.


Life Studies Institute continues to provide training and education in many different areas. The list of courses below include workshops, seminars, university courses and programs certified for continuing education credits:

  • Social Welfare Policy
  • Special Populations
  • Social Work Practice and Processes
  • Psychopathology
  • Medical Records Documentation
  • The Substance Abusing Mentally ill
  • Managed Behavioral Health Care
  • Male/Female relationships in the New Millennium
  • Stress Management
  • Anger Management
  • Child Development: A Resource for foster parents
  • An African Centered Approach to Clinical Practice
  • Human Sexuality training for youth
  • Violence Prevention: for adolescents and teens
  • Spirituality and Clinical Practice
  • Think Tank Training for African American Youth

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