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LSI specializes in designing learning formats that allows for the engagement of training team members or diverse groups and individuals coming together to achieve reciprocal learning benefits. Years of experience in training and teaching allows our experts to provide training approaches and designs that are strategically selected and applied to accomplish a greater depth of learning and understanding.

LSI is developing courses for continuing education credits (CEU) for the Fall of 2002. These courses will provide CEU's for mental health direct services providers. We will provide a certificate of completion for all other courses.

To provide us with information about your needs as an individual or organization click here to provide your interest in the courses and join our contact list.

Training Formats:

  • Classroom based Workshops, Seminars and Courses - Primary location: Metropolitan Washington, D.C.
  • On-site training and consultation - Our experts can come to you, observe your work environment and will design training to meet your specific program needs.
  • Training on the Move - Plan training retreats in environments where learning and creating is most effective for participants.
  • On Line Training Opportunities - Learn at home or at the office (TBA)

Perspective Courses

  • Parenting Skills (Also for single parents, stepparents or perspective parents)
    - Essentials of the parent/child relationship
    - Kinship and the extended family in child rearing
    - Pitfalls and barriers to effective relationships
    - Being in charge but not a tyrant

  • Mental Health Relapse Prevention Planning
    - Understanding a recovery model of care
    - Consumer empowerment
    - Partnerships in Planning and Treatment
    - Peer mentors and self-help groups

  • Stress and Anger Management
    - Living in a post 9-11 environment
    - Warning signs for dangerous behavior
    - When you need a professional and why
    - Being good to yourself planning

  • Safety and Environment Issues in Community Care
    - Fire, Safety and Evacuation Plans for the home or office

  • Cultural Competency
    - Race, Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, Physical Disability National   Origin, Religion or Socio-economic Factors

  • Spirituality: An Important Dynamic in Clinical Practice
    - Finding the special places within
    - Your spiritual journey
    - Self nurture and growth

    - Leading others


  • Clinical Case Conference - Our experts bring their years of experience to bear on your most challenging cases
  • Program Development/Enhancement - Our knowledge and experience in Agencies (Public Sector) in transition and with program development provide opportunities for others to avoid mistakes and pitfalls encountered in changing environments.

  • Management/Supervisory Problem Solving - Problems with getting the job done? Enjoy the benefit of past battles and battle plans.

  • Leadership Dynamics - Learn the skills and techniques of effective leadership through in depth learning from the successes and failure of others.

  • Program Excellence - Standards for Success - "Can This program be saved"? Learning what it will take to succeed at by all levels of your organization.
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