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We will share with you information about conferences, workshops, forums, meetings and other relevant mental health materials. At this click on, and on our links click on, we will share information on up coming events of interest to those visitors to our web site and training participants.

Brief Review of Recent Life Studies Institute Conference Presentations and Training Activities 

  • 2010 -  D.C. Public Schools Office of Youth Engagement - Consultation on Social Work Supervision and Training
  • 2010 - D.C.  Public Schools Department of Social Work - Training on Social Work Ethics
  • 2009 - Howard University School of Social Work for D.C.  Departmen on Aging - Social Work Ethics
  • 2009 - Washington Hospital Center Core Service Agency - New Staff Orientation/Mental Health Training Seminars
  • 2008 - Friendship House TANF Program - Staff Development Training - Team Building
  • 2008 - The Recovery Group - Resources and Data Base Development
  • 2008 - Bridgeway Community Church Columbia, MD - Family Systems Development and Interventions
  • 2008 - St. Elizabeths Hosptial Chaplains Clinical Pastorial Training Program - Domestic Violence
  • 2007 - Friendship House TANF Program - Customer Services
  • 2006 - Friendship House TANF Program - Planning and Outreach Skills Development
  • 2006 - SAMHSA - Lonnie E. Mitchell Annual Conference - Spirituality and Clinical Practice
  • 2005 - SAMHSA Faith Based MH/SA Treatment Programs - New Orleans, LA. - Co-ocurring Disorders
  • 2005 - NAMI - New Orleans, LA - Annual Conference Presentation on Co-ocurring Disorders
  • 2005 - Effective Treatment of CODs for SAMHSA - Baton Rouge, LA 
  • 2004 - D.C. Child and Family Services Administration - Spirituality and Clinical Practice 
  • 2004 - Washington Hospital Center Chaplain Intern Program - Death and Dying/Grief and Loss  
  • 2004 - SAMHSA Conference Memphis Tennessee - Cultural Competency Workshop
  • 2003 - Friendship House Washington, D.C. - Preparing For Change - Staff Development
  • 2002 - Friendship House Washington, D.C. - Stress Management - Staff Development 
NAMI (The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill) held its national convention at the Cincinnati Center. The convention, Building Communities of Hope (Science/Supports/Dignity)" was held June 26th - 30th, 2002 .

The Workshop: Depression in an African American Professional: A First-Person Account was a great success, lead by well known expert, Dr. William Lawson, Chief of Psychiatry at the Howard University Hospital (D.C.) and featuring Peggy Templeman, MSW (Retired) telling her compelling story of life with clinical Depression over the past 40 years and including Patricia Martin-O'Meally, LICSW, CPM, Director of Staff Development and Training for the D.C. Community Services Agency and the Executive Director of Life Studies Institute!



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